What are the different uses of paper Bags in 2021?

Paper bag manufacturers

Paper bags are now being used as a tool for brand promotion. Promotion paper bags at events are a must to these days. Upgraded from their traditional use as throwaway bags. Following list covers the different uses of paper bags and its advantages. 

Table of contents

Traditional use of paper bags 

Paper bag as sustainable packaging solution

Paper bag as a branding material

Uses of paper bags by retailers

Uses of paper bag for food delivery

Brown paper bag

Traditionally paper bags were used as throwaway lunch bags or food takeaway bags. These bags were manufactured in standard quality brown paper with no handles.

Since then the uses of paper bags have grown wider. Today they are considered as a major alternative to plastic bags & packaging. Thus paper packaging has become the flag bearer of sustainable packaging.

Paper Shopping bags

Paper bags are now avidly used as shopping bags by all the retailers. What started as an environment friendly alternative to plastic bags has soon become a major branding tool. As many brands have observed an attractive paper bag can be a good source or organic marketing for the brand. It stimulates interest in potential buyers

Paper bag for Mobile Shop : 

Small paper bags to carry one mobile box or accessories. Easy way for mobile retail shop owners to market their shop. These printed paper bags comes with logos of all the brands your mobile retail shop deals in.

Paper bag for Food Delivery

Paper bag for food delivery

With the rise of food delivery startups , there has been complimentary rise in use of paper bags for food delivery. This has proved to be a good alternative to plastic bags. Appreciated by both vendors and public.

Promotional Paper Bags

Use of paper bags for promotion at events is more prevalent now. They can be distributed with the visitors , and visitors take these promotional bags with them to the whole event. Thus generating interest amongst other people for your brand.Ideas for promotion paper bags for events

Paper Gift Bags

Paper gift bag

Paper gift bags is the new trend in gifting industry. Gift bag in which gift is presented has started to hold an equal importance. As they are the first impression you create on the receiver of the gift. Imagine presenting an expensive gift in a low cost carry bag of plastic or other materials. Ideas for paper gift bags

Paper Bags Wholesale

Paper bag wholesale selling has created new revenue stream for many printers and packers , a lot of new entrepreneurs have also tried their luck in the business and have been earning decently. Similarly manual production of paper bags has created jobs in labour market as well. 

Paper bag manufacturers

Paper bag making is now done two ways in India. Manually using contract labour for retail & wholesale orders or using fully automatic paper bag making machine for mass production of high volume orders. 

Paper Bags Online

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