Technical Terms

Technical Terms

Technical Meaning

Size :

Size of the bags on product pages are displayed in inches in the give order:

Example : 12x16x4 (in Inches)

12: length of the bag : Horizontal Length : Left to right

16: Height of the bag : Vertical Length : Top to bottom

4: Gusset of the bag : Depth of the bag


Grams / Square Metre or the thickness of Paper. A copier Paper is usually 70-80 gsm. Whereas Paper bags ranges from 80-300 gsm. Based upon useage and requirement.

Paper Qualities:

White Kraft : Imported bleached kraft Paper with high B.F. Ranging from 40-60 B.F.


Virgin Kraft : Imported or Indian made kraft Paper with high B.F. 35-60 B.F.


Natural Shade Kraft : India Kraft paper with B.F. Ranging from 28-30 B.F.


Duplex Paper : India board Paper. With GSm range of 250-350 GSM


SBS : Imported board Paper. With GSM range of 200-350 GSM


Offset Printing – Done through offset printing machines.


Single Color Print : Usually text in single color or patch work. bags fall under this printing type


Double Color : Texts in double color or half prints in either color.


Full Tint / Background : Full Background printing  in single color with text appearing in reverse.


Multi Color : Printed in CMYK. You can print multiple colors to a photograph of yourchoice


Bursting Factor of the Paper. How much pressure a paper can bear before it tears up.